Why Your Web Page Needs The Best On Page SEO

In the current highly competitive business environment online success can be elusive. The barriers to entry for the establishment of an online business are low. With more hosting options and more (and easier to use) content management systems out there – such as Drupal, Joomla and WordPress it is easy and cheaper for individuals and organizations to stake their claim to Internet marketing success, whether for a service or product.

In a highly competitive environment like this only those companies that can differentiate themselves from the competition will survive.

Of course this means that the traditional marketing foundations are still important, a business plan, competitive analysis and having a firm idea of what differentiates your product or service are all key. However increasingly it is on page SEO that is going to decide which businesses thrive and which fall by the wayside.

It is the strength and professionalism in the way that search engine optimization factors are handled that will ensure that business pages are able to claim a covered first page search result position – and this position is often the difference between success and failure.

Current statistics show that around 90% of consumers who enter in a particular search for a product or service will only look at web pages that show up on the first page of the SERP’s I search engine results pages). If your business is not on that page your chances of feeding that sales funnel decrease dramatically.


Source: Moz

So what are the ways that on page SEO needs to be handled to ensure that you are in the sweet spot when it comes to search results?


#1 Content Is Always Going To Be King.

Google has stated time and time again that the purpose of the information on a web site should be to enrich the web experience of the visitor.

Your business needs to ensure that the posts and information on your web site add value to the experience of those who visit your site. Gone are the days when packing content with keywords is going to do the job. That’s because…

#2 Good Content Gives Rewards.

Great content, be it copy, images or video is linkable. Make people think, laugh, cry or experience a human emotion and odds are that they are going to want to spread that around the web. In other words that content will be featured on other sites that will allow visitors to link back to your site. It satisfy’s a demand and that makes it almost viral in its effectiveness.

#3 Make Sure Your Title Tags Work.

Title tags are elements that allow web browsers to rank your page. It is absolutely essential that the title tags on your page are descriptive of the page or element content and that they contain relevant keywords. Always remember something – Google will only display the first 50 to 60 characters of your title tag – make sure that you make those characters count, sites like social media also make use of title tags when they display content – and make sure you don’t let the opportunities presented by the social media go to waste.


#4 Make Sure That Your URL Works.

Your site URL should be a hierarchy of the contents of your page. Something like http://www.gogame.net/Games/Video_Games/First_Person/ is great. Search engines use this information to determine just how relevant your site is to the search that has been entered. Don’t mess this up.

These are only a few of the on page SEO elements that need to be correct for your site to become a page one result on a popular browser. However, if you have to do one thing right get your content in order. If necessary find an expert who can help.

If you’re using a CMS system like WordPress make use of some of software like the YOAST plugin that makes it easier to optimize your pages. Drupal and Joomla also have plugins that will help you make sure that your on page SEO brings more visitors to your site and feeds that all important sales funnel.